mpc publishing

Using Adobe Indesign we create, edit, layout and manage document projects such as books, brochures, catalogs, articles etc. For translated documents we can ensure consistently formatted layouts of each language version while keeping the original composition, or edit layouts that simplify or anticipate different versions. We deliver all text edited, proofed and ready to print. 

A few examples of presentation materials, articles and books:


Article on Tetra Pak (Tetra Laval), The Swedish Bulletin, 2013

Text: Madeleine Person








Articles, continued:

Historical landmark, The Swedish Bulletin, 2013

Text & photo: Madeleine Person




Vice-President of the European Commission, Brussels, 2006

Interview, Text & photo, design: Madeleine Person

China's Ambassador to Sweden, Swedish Bulletin, 2005
Text & photo: Madeleine Person
The High Coast, Sweden, Northern summer nights, 2011
Text and photo: Madeleine Person 





Artist book, Artoons, Erwin Bogaert:



For full book go to: 





A Cultural Heritage - Scandinavian Paintings from Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

and other major Scandinavian collections: