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I am efficient, creative, and I excel at organizing and meeting deadlines. I have worked as a Language Teacher, University lecturer, Journalist, Photographer, Translator, Managing Outsourcing of translation work into numerous languages, Subtitling, Proofreading, Rematch and Correlation, Linguistic Specialist; Quality Control, Test Evaluation, Assessment and Training of freelance translators.  


BA Swedish. MA, Master's degree in Cultural Studies; Literature-Culture-Media, including Linguistics, Literary theory, Intermediality, Aesthetics of Popular Culture, The Rhetoric of Advertising in the New Media. Additional courses in Graphic Design, Indesign, Print Production and Video Production.


Madeleine Person has been translating and proofing films and tv-series from English into Swedish subtitles for Deluxe since 2011 for the DVD market, the major Hollywood studios as well as broadcast, cable and streaming networks. We intend on continuing our collaboration with her, as we are entirely satisfied with her work.

May 18th, 2017


Rujira Saithong

Gestionnaire des services langagiers / Manager, Translator Resources and Training

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group /Montréal, Québec, Canada

o: 514.313.1018 m: 1514 833 2789 Skype: DDS_Rujira Saithong


"I think that Madeleine is brilliant at what she does, and she balanced very well between needed reminders and humility. I am worried about the quality of the deliveries when she is not in charge of the QC."

Daniel Rehnfeldt, translator at IYUNO Media Group, 2017,


"Madeleine is a dedicated and helpful translator and proofreader with a heart; she is experienced yet flexible. She is very communicative and she works to bring the team together, to have a dialogue and to lift the overall spirit of the workplace."

Emma Lindahl, translator at IYUNO Media Group


"Thank you Madeleine for having provided us with spotless translations into 10 languages regularly and always on time during the last three years. We are sad to see you go."

B. Mazinghien, Dec 2015, Texdecor SA, Lille, France. Email:,


"Madeleine Person is a skilled linguist and translator. Her extensive experience in the field of Subtitling and in the Arts make her a good fit for companies looking for someone efficient and with creative ideas. Her language and intercultural skills make her perfect to market and communicate with other countries, specifically Europe and Scandinavia. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone who is hard working, creative and dedicated to the project at hand."

Ned Davis, Digital Marketing Consultants of Palm Beach, Inc. Tel Office:1 561 379 5897


"Madeleine has been an excellent teacher of Swedish for my COO position at Husquarna Belgium. She was very knowledgeable and efficient, and she got me up and speaking within weeks. I am impressed!"

Johan Lauwers, 2010,

Global Key Project & Specials Manager at Hilti HQ Liechtenstein


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